Gourmet Club

La Donna’s Gourmet Club…

Tired of fixing the same thing all the time? This is the perfect opportunity to get out of that trap. For $25.00 a month you get $25-$30 in products along with recipes on what to do with them. (For $25/month it is not tooooo gourmet).


· $25/month - 3 month commitment

· Email notification when ready to pick up

· 5% discount every time you visit La Donna’s

· Perfect gift for someone that likes to cook!


La Donna’s Cheese Club…

Do you love cheese? Like to try cheese you’ve never had? We do too. This is perfect if you like all kinds of cheese. However, if you only like one type of cheese, like say, Brie, this is not for you.

· $30 / month – 3 month commitment

· Email notification when ready to pick up

· 2 or 3 cheeses each month – depending on price

· Perfect gift for someone that loves cheese!


If you are out of town, or want to purchase as a gift for someone out of town, we are happy to ship – you just have to pay the shipping. We send most things FedEx 2 or 3 day. In the summer, if it is highly perishable, we may choose to “skip a month” or suspend shipments until cooler weather for those out of town, rather than ship overnight because of the cost.