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It’s all about Spring…

Yes. Spring is here! You know what that means don’t you? The Cherry Street Farmer’s Market is back on the street beginning April 5th. All those folks looking for a breakfast burrito from The Palace and maybe a few greens from the farmers will come out in droves. We as usual will get up early and OPEN at 7:30 AM EACH AND EVERY SATURDAY DURING THE FARMER’S MARKET SEASON. You didn’t know that we open early on Farmers Market Saturday’s? Well we’ve done this every year since we opened our doors 11 years ago. We try to talk ourselves out of this every season…so far, that argument has fallen on deaf ears. It is so frustrating to have a boss that doesn’t listen to you! So, don’t forget to come by to get a really good cheese or perhaps a scrumptious dip, spread, soup or rice blend made right here at La Donna’s. You’ll be happy you made us part of your Saturday morning routine! I know we’ll be glad too!

Something Special Planned…

Saturday, April 5th from 9 to 11 we will have GreenBean Coffee Roasting Company in the store sampling their locally roasted coffee. Stop by and give it a try!

Saturday, April 12th, from 9 to 11 we will have Kent Walker from Little Rock, of Kent Walker Artisan Cheese in the shop sampling his awesome cheese. (My personal favorite is Ophelia – YUMMY!)

Check our facebook page for more accurate times. This is a guess today J

April is National Grilled Cheese Month!

I know it’s hard to believe, but we love Grilled Cheese Sandwiches here at La Donna’s. Since it is National Grilled Cheese Month, I will be focusing on Grilled Cheese all month on our Weekly Recipe we send out. Don’t get the recipes and want to? Email – and in the subject line put “sign me up”. And we will!

Here is a Grilled Cheese recipe that I came up with not long after I opened my store – We had all this fabulous cheese, it was time to try something new! It really is quite tasty.


Midnight Moon Grilled Cheese

Fresh chevre (goat cheese), softened (Marinated Chevre would work here too)

Midnight Moon Goat Cheese (grated).
Roasted red peppers or whole green chilies (whichever you prefer)
Aioli (mayonnaise with garlic added)
Hawaiian bread or bread of choice
Butter or Mayonnaise

1. Spread each slice of bread on one side with room temperature butter or mayonnaise (this is the side that is browned). On one slice spread aioli, on the other the chevre.

2. To grill, place slice of bread with Aioli up on griddle. Add a layer of Midnight Moon cheese, then a layer of roasted pepper. Then top with the slice with the Chevre spread on it. Be sure the peppers are between the two cheeses.

3. Cook over low heat until the Midnight Moon becomes soft and melty. Turn and repeat.

Tip: When using a harder cheese like Midnight Moon, slice it very thin or grate it so that it will melt well when cooking.

A little Jelly or Jam goes well with grilled cheese sandwiches. Just put a dollop on a bite and try it. Be sure to pick one that would complement the chile or pepper…which is pretty much any of them.

Employee of the Month

I am giving the big award to Marybeth this month, because once again she has agreed to get up early on Saturdays to open the store. I sure hope she remembers she committed. Hmm. Maybe I should have her sign a contract…

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