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La Donna’s Fancy Foods
Celebrating a decade of good taste!

Fri- Aug. 8 and Sat- Aug. 9, Everything 25% OFF

Last Weekend was tax free if you were buying back to school clothing. We got to thinking and thought, we rarely have sales. And, discovered years ago, unless everything is on sale, no one wants it – there must be something wrong with it.

It’s been a slow summer. We’ve always blamed the intense heat of summer, the extreme cold of winter, ice or snow on the ground, rain, whatever for our lack of business. After the glorious summer we have had, that can no longer be our excuse. La Donna is actually working this Saturday (another rare event!) and thought why not have a sale. Find out if you are really reading your newsletter!  The sale includes EVERYTHING except Pottery. No rain checks. No holds.

New in the Store

For all you hipsters out there that are big fans of the Cocktail, we have a new line of small batch Mixers from Liber in Austin, Texas. Gum Syrup (gives your cocktail a great “mouth feel”), Pineapple Gum Syrup, Grapefruit Shrub and Tonic Syrup. If these go over well, we’ll be getting in another line this fall. We love a cocktail – especially in the summer – you can fill your glass with ICE and they are just fun. Cheese goes great with a cocktail too you know. Of course, if you liked us on Facebook, you know this already J.

Employee of the Month

Sarah is employee of the month. Why? She has worked every single Saturday for months, without a Saturday off. I think she just likes it here. Because it is all about me, I get to have almost every single Saturday off. I only have to work when Marybeth wants a day off. Look what that got her, NOT employee of the month and the big award, that is for sure.


La Donna’s Fancy Foods

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