Cleaning Services

cleaningYou can ask neighbors, friends, and family for a referral if they know of a qualified service like Heavenly Scent Professionals. Be sure you understand their fee structure and what’s included versus what’s extra. If you have concerns about your surfaces, tiles, etc., don’t be afraid to ask what chemicals they plan to use (or as we mentioned earlier, you can provide your own).

You can certainly hire an individual if you choose; however, one significant benefit of going with a service is the legal perspective. Any conflict you may have with an individual could get ugly; a professional service will offer you more peace of mind.

Ask the provider any questions you have. These are a few typical questions:
• Do their employees go through background checks?
• Are they bonded?
• Do they provide worker’s compensation, and do they know how to deal with insurance issues promptly?
• Be sure their policy includes bonding and insurance and describes what happens if things in your home are broken or damaged.
• What is their policy on pets in your home?
• Does it matter if someone is home for the visit?
• How will they access your home?

You can ask for a free trial if you’d like, some services will agree and others may not. It never hurts to ask!

Once you understand their policies and sign a contract, you will want to provide thoughtful, constructive feedback to the vendor after the first few cleanings to be sure everyone’s expectations are clear and met. If you want the service to focus more on deep cleaning, tidy up a bit before they arrive so they can spend their time where it’s most needed.

Some services automatically include a tip in their fee structure for their employees, but not everyone does that. The “standard” tip that is expected is in the ten to 20 percent range.

One Time Projects versus Every Time
Generally speaking, most agencies will include the following in a regular periodic cleaning:
• Vacuum whole home
• Dusting all surfaces, baseboards, and light fixtures
• Baths, including tubs, showers, toilets, and sinks
• Kitchen, including countertops, sinks, and floor
• Makeup beds and change sheets if requested
• Emptying wastebaskets

Some ideas for one-time cleaning requests include:
cleaning• Carpet cleaning
• Wooden floorboards
• Tile floors
• Mirrored walls
• Kitchen cabinets inside and out
• Oven
• Garage spaces, man caves or she sheds
• Refrigerator insides
• Same day emergency cleaning
• Interior china cabinets
• Leather furniture

And things that are typically not performed include:
• Dishwashing
• Laundry or ironing
• Picking up clutter
• Fireplace cleaning
• Cleaning Toys

Of course, this is going to vary a bunch based on location, home size, frequency, needs, etc. According to Home Advisor:
• Average cost: $165
• Low cost: $60
• High cost: $350
• Average spent: $115 to $236