Home Cleaning Services

Keeping your home clean is one thing if you don’t work outside of the home and you have no kids or pets. But that modus operandi doesn’t fit most of us. We’re from two income households, have 2.5 children, carpet cleaning to do and at least one pet. Yep, that sounds a bit more like real life, eh? Well, we think you work hard enough at your paying jobs to come home and work more, so if you haven’t considered hiring a maid service to visit your home periodically, give it some thought.


Why Hire a Service?

• You’ll have more time to enjoy your clean home and your family
• If you work from home or spend time doing things to supplement your income, using a service will help you devote more time earning, not cleaning
• You have company coming to stay with you, no worries the house is already clean, just get ready to have fun
• Carpet cleaning has ideal results, if you let someone else take care of the chore
• You can schedule them at your convenience
• You decide what they clean
• Based on your needs, they can do one-time tasks that you dread, visit you weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and daily too
• You can get what the service considers their “basic” plan to keep your cost low
• In most cases, reputable service employees are bonded, so no worries of theft
• A contract ensures professional service
• They are the experts and have likely been trained on how to use equipment and chemicals correctly
• A service usually uses commercial grade equipment so that you can be assured of quality
• With most services, you can customize your home cleaning plan
• Coming home to a clean house is excellent

How to Select a Provider

After you make the smart decision to hire a cleaning service, there are so many, what do you need to know? Most providers will come to your home, do a cursory inspection of your rooms, the number of bedrooms, baths, etc. before they deliver a quote. In addition to that, here are some other things to consider:

cleaning• Exactly what your needs will be and what you want to have cleaned. And not just the “usual,” as in baths, bedrooms, living room, kitchen and any other rooms you have. Also, think about: baseboards, molding, chair rails, windows, oven, refrigerator interior, and carpet cleaning, which may not be in a standard contract
• How many estimated hours will be needed to clean your home?
• What frequency will you want?
• Do you plan to provide them with cleaning supplies or do you expect them to bring their own? Hint: this could be a negotiating tool if you need to keep costs down
• What degree of expense do you intend to spend on this venture? Do you have a budget? Have you built in your time savings? And then there are the “soft” benefits like you will have less anxiety, it’s uplifting to know your home is clean and healthy